White Walls for iPhone

"White Walls" is definitely not the real name of an internal tool we built for an internationally recognized contemporary art gallery. And the screen designs we can share with you are a bit different than those used by dealers representing some of the giants of 20th century art. Nevertheless, these "outtakes" convey the spirit of the app, and illustrate the key problems we needed to solve.

The breadth of the gallery's collection is represented in a database with tens of thousands of artworks, dating back to the 1960s. They had a robust web-based tool for accessing the collection, but they were looking for an experience that was optimized for the iPhone. Inquiries about artworks often happen away from a computer, and dealers needed easy and quick access to the collection to better serve their clients.

Our solution includes a custom, adaptable interface that prioritizes the artworks and allows users to scan hundreds of pieces at a glance. Dealers also have access to a sophisticated set of search and filtering tools, which quickly lets them focus on a specific artwork. Once they’ve selected the work, they can review exhaustive data on its provenance, condition, location, and much more. The app also lets dealers easily reserve or sell artworks for their clients.

The app was distributed through the Apple Developer Enterprise Program, and was released to dealers in time for the gallery's participation in Art Basel Miami Beach 2015.

The app was distributed through the Apple Developer Enterprise Program in 2015.