SHARE training

How else can we help the people you want to help?

As we learned more about the SHARE process and became more familiar with their multiform communication needs, we saw an opportunity to help guide their communications strategy. The development process with SHARE offered some unique challenges. The most prominent of these was the fact that we were developing the design direction and wireframes concurrent with the client revising the content. Built Light was able, through frequent meetings and content updates from the client, to tie our development work on the app to SHARE’s content milestones. This allowed us to better anticipate ways we might engage them using our expertise in other areas besides the app. Relying on our team’s experience branding and designing for multiple mediums, we proposed providing an initial design direction for their counselor-facing E-Course. Building on the visual language we were starting to create for SHARE, we also designed the SHARE Program Manual, the SHARE Guide for Families, and a supplementary guide to this workbook for use by counselors.

SHARE Program Manual

A companion to the e-course, the SHARE Program Manual helps guide counselors in their work with Care Partners. Built Light designed the manual and consulted on the content architecture in order to keep things simple, engaging, and useful for counselors.

SHARE Guide for Families

The Guide for Families is a workbook for facilitated use by the Care Partners in conjunction with their counselor. While covering a lot of information, we kept the piece straight forward and easy to use for people with a high likelihood of being visually or cognitively impaired.

E-Learning Course

An essential part of the SHARE process is training new counselors. SHARE was working with an e-learning company and wanted Built Light to help build a bridge between their counselor training materials and the app. We helped craft a design vocabulary for the e-learning course that helped tie it to the work being done in the app and provide a framework for presenting content in a clear and organized way. Sample screens were used as a visual guide for the e-course as it was being built.