Halo Identity and Launch

Halo Team

Become an insider

One of the milestones of our brand work for Halo was the official launch at Halo’s first partner dealership, Beaverton Toyota, in Oregon. Getting to this point was a huge effort, led by the key stakeholders on the Halo product side in collaboration with owners, managers, and sales people on the dealership side. Additionally, Halo brought on an expert in sales training to spend months at the dealership becoming an expert in the idiosyncrasies of their specific sales culture and methodologies. This enabled Halo to help the dealership sell its product by tailoring the way Halo is best sold in the dealership’s unique sales culture. Ultimately, the process became geared to enhancing their sales flow and customer retention process. This invaluable work became the basis for how we dealt with brand intervention at the dealership.

Halo Car
The team chose one vehicle in the dealership to introduce the brand, pique consumer interest, support sales staff and, ultimately, increase dealership profits.

Roll up your sleeves!

One of the most gratifying parts of a push to a launch event is the teamwork that inevitably gets amplified. There's an enormous amount of creative, intellectual, and sweat equity that culminates in one event. It is the result of a group of people, through both their hard work and their collective expertise, embodying the brand culture. Here the insiders and the embedded experts get to translate their communication strategy to a consumer-facing experience.

Halo Launch Wall
A custom-fabricated wall creates a vital focal point for the Halo brand ambassadors, allows for flexible targeted messaging, and, most importantly, helps the dealership make sales.
Halo Equation Campaign
The initial customer engagement campaign on the Halo wall used very simple messaging and visuals to demonstrate Halo’s benefit in light of the unique selling needs of this dealership’s sales team.

Environmental Flow

We sought to create meaningful opportunities to communicate to the consumer and help encourage them to engage the sales team. This involved finding places to provide messaging that struck just the right balance of engagement and information.

Halo Launch Environment
Tabletops, windows, service bay monitors, and Halo employees all helped create an energetic and branded environment for launch.