Halo app

Halo App was developed in collaboration with Dealers1 for use at one the the most successful car dealerships in Oregon to improve car ownership beginning at the point of purchase.

Modern cars can produce an enormous amount of valuable data, but that data often makes sense only to an expert mechanic. Halo is designed from the ground up with the needs of car owners in mind and can communicate that data to a car owner in terms they understand and can act on. When all is well, Halo shows you where your car is parked, and it lets you know if anything happens to it while you are away, like someone hitting the car or it being towed. And if your car needs attention, Halo will notify you right away. Halo knows the difference between a routine oil change and a more urgent problem, and scheduling a needed service appointment is only a couple of taps away.

In addition to designing and building the Halo iOS app, we also designed the Android version of the app, and worked with the Halo team on naming, brand identity, and logo design.

For the Android version, we kept things simple and adapted the provisional visual language to communicate clearly within an Android user’s expectations.