A lot happened for our friends at CoPatient since we built them a demo app for an important investor conference. Shortly after they were featured by ABC World News with Diane Sawyer, they completed a round of Series A funding. To capitalize on their momentum, they wanted to move forward quickly with an app that solved a core problem for their customers: submitting their medical bills to CoPatient so advocates could get to work saving them money.

We had previously worked with CoPatient to outline a roadmap for their mobile app, breaking it into several key milestones. Given their new sense of urgency, we defined a minimum viable product (MVP) focused on the task of submitting bills. This included a custom interface that uses iPhone’s built in camera to quickly capture multiple bill pages and convert them to a single PDF. Once a user submits a bill, they can easily monitor its status. Focusing on this core functionality allowed us to move quickly and refine the app into a carefully designed usable tool.

Now that the release is in the hands of CoPatient customers, we’re focusing on a follow up release. We will also be developing a comprehensive visual identity that CoPatient will use across all media. We can’t wait to share our progress.