We’ve done this before.

Identify Wireframe Design Code Test Release

Identify the user need, who the user is, and how they will use the app. Determine baseline assumptions. Challenge and test these assumptions. Repeat.

Map the content, features and interface. Establish the geography of the user interaction. Cast a wide net and then relentlessly purge the superfluous. Argue internally, fueled by triple espressos.

Give personality to the user experience by developing an effective and evocative visual language for the app. Establish the mood. Adjust the lighting. Put the needle on the record.

Craft code to transform the design and wireframe into an engaging interactive experience. Proceed thoughtfully, laying a solid foundation that gracefully adapts to evolving needs. Always keep the user in mind. Never forget the road you took here.

Test the design by getting it into the hands of users. Test the code by ruthlessly trying to break it. Expect the unexpected. Refine and polish until brilliant.

Release the app. Guide the project over the final administrative and technical hurdles to share it with the world. Spread the word. You’ve followed a solid, honest process, and your users will thank you for it.